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TrX G1P TripX TrX G1P
   TrX G1P is the first version with graphic display, which allows the monitoring of all parameters simultaneously. Two calibrations have been added to TripX V1 (one is user-based and manually set). All calibrations can be exchanged and/or changed at any time while working.
   Another novelty includes the readings of average and momentary speed.
   - Working with an adaptive menu;
   - Selection of language;
   - Two autonomous inputs for distance-measuring sensors;
   - The ability to use electronic (mechanically fitted) sensors without additional devices;
   - Three separate, autonomous calibrations; one is set by the user at will;
   - Readings of total and intermediary distance, time and speed simultaneously;
   - The ability to change the places and size of the readings for total and intermediary distance while they are in action;
   - The ability to work in a mode of increasing or decreasing the covered distance;
   - Selecting the distance readings as XXX.XXX or XXX.XX, which does not alter the accuracy of the readings;
   - The ability to switch between the different calibrations while they are in action;
   - The ability to switch from one to the other sensor while it is in action without altering the accuracy of the readings;
   - The ability to change the calibration number while it is in action;
   - The ability to change the total distance;
   - The option of temporarily ceasing the distance reading (“PAUSE” mode);
   - The ability to record the readings for total covered distance until the next time the device is turned on;
   - The ability to have readings in normal or inverse mode;
   - Sound signal when pressing a button;
   - Remote control usage.
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